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Jewelry Designer Shain Leyton Gives Tips

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    September 13, 2021 10:46 PM PDT

    Jewelry Designer Shain Leyton Gives Tips on Celebrity Earring Looks

    In this age of FaceTime and Zoom events, stars are focusing on bedazzling their earlobes. “Your ear game needs to be amazing because that’s what people are seeing,” says L.A.-based fine jewelry designer Shain Leyton, whose eponymous line retails in stores throughout California, New York and Japan. Here, Leyton breaks down the ways celebrities have gotten creative with earrings — and how jewelry lovers can do the same.To get more news about unique jewelry online customization, you can visit official website.

    Multiple piercings are a trademark of artsy stars including Cynthia Erivo — who at the Globes, wore Wempe diamond spotlight earrings alongside her own pieces. But more traditional dressers are also adding extra holes to their conch and cartilage. “Piercings used to be something punk rock, and now, it’s so mainstream and feminine and dainty,” Leyton says. She recommends “the less symmetry, the better” and mixing colors and textures. “I wouldn’t stick with one specific gold color. I would pull a diamond piece, an emerald piece, and layer all the different elements to create a really interesting story.”

    At the Critics’ Choice Awards, Andra Day wore two sets of different Chopard earrings, diamond and emerald. Regina King married Forevermark’s long drop and diamond cluster earrings at the Globes. Doubling up on the same earring is also popular: Kate Hudson completed her Globes look with two pairs of Bulgari’s white and diamond Serpenti earrings in each ear. “It’s a really beautiful way to showcase one specific style,” says Leyton, who likes to pair diamond huggies. “It creates a super clean look.”

    “The Queen’s Gambit” star Anya Taylor-Joy’s earring game rivaled her chess one when she chose rubellite, tanzanite and diamond Bulgari earrings for the Critics’ Choice Awards. Elle Fanning added glamour to her Globes Gucci look with Fred Leighton’s platinum diamond tassel earrings. Also at the Globes, Jane Fonda elevated her recycled suit with responsibly sourced brown diamond and rubellite Pomellato drop earrings. Says Leyton, “You’re definitely going to see a lot of linear.”

    Imagine a knitwear designer who specializes in patterns that require double-pointed needles, then suddenly all of the factories cease making double-pointed needles. Or, what if all fabric suppliers were to stop bundling pre-cuts for a quilter who is popular for patterns utilizing jelly rolls and layer cakes? You can guess the drastic impact these scenarios would have on the designers’ livelihood. Sadly, for many jewelry designers in the bead industry, these hypothetical situations aren’t that farfetched. The world-renowned Austrian crystal manufacturer, Swarovski, recently announced it will soon no longer manufacture crystals for the DIY market, leaving retailers and designers scrambling to find worthy replacements for these top-of-the-line components.

    The initial response by many crafters was to snatch up all of the crystals needed to create their favorite designs. Wiseman witnessed this firsthand: “The news initially caused a run on orders of Swarovski as some folks rushed to stock up, and I anticipate a second run as we get closer to the cut-off date. I plan to continue to stock their beads as long as I can still buy them.” The trouble is, as we saw with their initial announcement, Swarovski hasn’t been very forthcoming with information, leaving many consumers and retailers confused about when their favorites will no longer be available. Some retailers, including Dreamtime Creations, have managed to release a list of discontinued items.