NBA 2K21: New gameplay details, potential WNBA MyCAREER, demo a

  • The new batch of gameplay details of NBA 2K21 have surfaced online, detailing some differences between the current version and the next-generation version. So far, whether NBA 2K21 MT will differ from NBA 2K20 MT. No way to know. We will also look at the recent WNBA MyCareer rumors.

    With the release of NBA 2K21 on the platform of today’s era approaching, more and more details about the upcoming basketball simulation have surfaced. One source of the latest information is a recent interview with NBA 2K game director Mike Wang and “NBA 2K” content creator Agent 00.

    From the above interview, we found that the current version and next-generation version of the game were developed by two different studios. Because of the entire Covid-19 situation, the entire development work is done at home, but the developers are still shooting on all cylinders.

    The developer explained that there will be some differences in athletes in different versions. It is also worth noting that the focus of this year’s game is to find the perfect balance between realism and fun-all of these are to make the game more interesting.

    Another topic mentioned in the interview was WNBA. I say wNBA fans to be very excited about what 2K will bring to the next generation. This has a good connection with the recent leaks, which show that WNBA will join MyCareer this year, which may imply that NBA 2K21 will also adopt the style of female ballet dancers. However, since this is still only a leak, it is recommended that you take it with a grain of salt temporarily.

    When Mike Wang confirmed the question about whether closing the batting table would increase the chances of serving, Mike said “yes”.

    Therefore, those who are not interested in the new batting table in the current version of NBA 2K21 trailer can just turn it off. Although NBA 2K21 has not yet officially appeared in the public eye, Buy MT will still be the hottest among them. Let us look forward to it together.