Predict the NBA 2K21 scores of the league’s 20 best players

  • The cover athletes of the NBA 2K21 version have not been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, and the game will still be released as planned.

    However, player ratings are always a matter of debate around NBA fans. Therefore, based on our best performance in the league so far, we will predict the ranking of NBA 2K21's best players in the league. The skills of these best players are what players dream of. As for whether it is possible Obtaining depends on the specific role of NBA 2K21 MT.

    A few years ago, most basketball fans didn't even know who Pascal Siakam was. Now, he is the best player among the championship contenders, and all his technical efforts must also be demonstrated in the NBA 2K21 legend. He is worth upgrading. Siakam possesses the skills to dominate both ends of the court and immediately assumes a leading role in the Toronto Raptors. He is still young, even if he is not surrounded by other superstars, he still has all the abilities to win another NBA championship.

    Jayson Tatum should surpass 90 points sometime next season. He has always been one of the most promising two-way players in the league and has now become the ultimate leader of the reorganized and updated Boston Celtics. Tatum can perform all operations on both ends of the floor. In real life and video games, he is an ideal candidate to establish a franchise. The only reason he is not a 92-93 player is because of his youth, but we expect a breakthrough season in 2021.

    Stephen Curry (Stephen Curry) has been doing video games since he joined the league. However, he has only participated in 5 games this season, even if he is talented, it may damage the NBA 2K21 ranking. According to reports, Curry will also be restricted to playing time next season, so it is more difficult to maintain his current ranking or promote him. Hope the Warriors will return to the championship battle, and Curry's score will only be higher.

    LeBron James always feels that his ratings are too low. It seems that we are taking him for granted at this point in his career, but he continues to prove that you can never exclude him. He watched his father's time and beat him. James ranks first in the league in assists per game this season and is a legitimate MVP candidate.

    These celebrities may all appear in NBA 2K21 later, and players can acquire these celebrity skills through 2K21 MT.