I have not bought a sports match in years

  • I have not bought a sports match in years. All of the exclusivity deals ****** the caliber. NHL was fucking brutally awful, Madden is just yawn-worthy. The only baseball game you'll be able to get is ONLY on the Playstation, and also The NBA2K series is simply fucking crap. EA gets away with stripping out features and"streamlining" their sports games every year while still making absurd money. It's crazy. I honestly feel as the NHL games get worse every year with smaller and smaller budgets and dev teams. It's basically impossible to set up plays in NHL 20 since possible as you go on the offensive you get checked out of Mut 21 coins existence by an unholy bumrush of opposing players. It merely becomes a twisted moshpit because there's no mechanic to get jostling over the puck like there was. And don't get me started on the sensitivity for poke checking, if your rod goes within 12 feet of the other man's skates you wind up on the PK. You may as well not even bother with poke checking.

    The most peculiar thing about this is Madden will get scrapped on PC just like it had been scrapped before. "Not enough interest." Calling it right now. You somehow screw up even greater than expected. It's almost magical. Shout out for 2MD VR Football, if you've obtained a VR headset and an arm you can get a fairly good sense of where sports sims may be moving. Plus it's cheap and enjoyable.

    Here's an idea... Instead of releasing games that are bloated which require several install patches with this monetisation, why not just charge the real cost of the game, make it perform to win and let it be. Quit working on expansion packs and bolt-on improvements and only make the game better in the first location. At this point I do not even feel like buying video games. Do yourself a favor. Find all pro soccer 2k8 and play with it. I bought an old Xbox just so I can play with and upgrade the sport through user stains. You will never play with Madden again. I wish someone would make a proper mutant league soccer game for PC. One that is really fun. The Blood Bowl games were just garbage.

    But you have NBA 2K which began as a fantastic match when it was competiting with NBA Live and now that it's"the" NBA game its in the exact same spot as Madden is. These game games will last to suck or be limited to being recycled copies with an updated roster until the licensing of their professional brands are at the hands of cheap Madden nfl 21 coins at least two game publishers to compete. Madden has always been crap. Were expecting 2K would return to the match. However, the NFL wanted EA again for a while.