I am enjoying the game so much myself.

  • I totally support these monetization attempts by Sega and expect it means we'll find more PSO related titles in the west, and even more perceptible stuff again provided that Sega continues to meseta pso2 have gain.

    As someone who usually doesn't whale out to a match like this, I have played entirely F2P, and played it as a"only buy inventory space and nothing else"

    Because I dropped on AC Scratch enjoy 20 Now I am closer to whale status myself and that I keep in premium for the additional 20 client order slots and superior storage. Closer, but still less than the purchase price of a brand new sport for most of what I've spent on PSO2 vs the amount of time I spend playing with it.

    I have probably spent like 90-150 dollars up to now on PSO2 because I purchased the sonic variant, and then 30 dollars worth of inventory/stash distance, and then dropped like 20 on an ac scratch and topped up some arks coins to continue hand for renewing premium every 3 months.

    Less than if I had bought a new game every month that I've been enjoying PSO2 NA (since PC launching ) but still more than I'd have spent on a standard brand new title.

    Closer to whale compared to spare, but I am not whaling heh. I played completely free in jp for a great deal of years, then figured out I could charge AC through PSO2es the phone game, therefore got enough for stock space and superior on that. Definitely didn't whale there.

    I am enjoying the game so much myself. I've just been playing lightly though (almost lvl 50). The only thing I have been tempted to invest money on was storage, pursuit slots, and being able to sell in the marketplace. The cosmetics are solid too, but I have not been tempted to buy those. You can totally enjoy the sport without spending anything That's great, only some small inconveniences

    You can cut back the amount although you cant kill them. 1 method is to disallow international chat till you get to a certain level. It's easy and productive. With bots, it's all about speed of buy Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta account diversion for spamming, so gating the chat to a level would kill a good deal of those.