Was it a system restore After you backed up your files

  • Was it a PSO2 Meseta system restore After you backed up your files? And then once you're done reinstalling you hit restore?

    No I started new. Much like a format of the is push. Pictures files save files all went in an HDD. I flashed the games I'd before compiling windows. This is because I have matches on a HDD, files on'm HDD and windows in an SSD. I think if your games are in your os drive then you may not have to do this. Don't forget to copy your game files I think those are separate from the setup for games.

    PSO2NG isnt come to playstation in global. JP has playstation and nintendo switch

    There are global servers located in the US that everyone plays on and an variant of the sport in Japan.

    Even if I try to use VPN, steam will recognize that I'm from PH since I made the steam account in PH area.

    Well, I can play without VPN nice MS Store but I'm not going to risk my steam accounts.

    Yes! Puerto Rico is on the listing as well as US territories! It was so bizarre being area secured on Steam although with access to Microsoft Store.

    I'm fortunate to have had next to zero problems but my two friends haven't been as lucky. I just want to eventually play this game together with them, Sega! .

    For creating the game as popular as it is and not only keeping it alive, but thriving, absolutley as crazy as some of the monetization tactics are, it is possible to get quite a lot of mileage from a totally F2P account should you understand what you're doing

    You play with all the content with spending no money and can get. Where free to cheap Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta play with has issues fashion is. Which is how it ought to be.