We've got no immediate contact to Sega Japan

  • It's why much of what they state is not blunt and open to interpretation. We've got no immediate contact to Sega Japan. They pick and decide what's sent over. You are worried they are only pushing NA players but also whine that they didnt shove more useless AC voice tickets down our throats when they can copy and paste it. They're already losing potential earnings from the huge disaster of a launching and people quitting after trying PSO2 or only cant log in. So if they are PSO2 Meseta attempting to milk us, they half-assing it.

    Fresh finds has things which were AC items or rare items from JP that we can get without playing the RNG gatcha also it allows people who have money to burn and impulsive disorders to spend more. Its unfortunate they dont even allow you to buy the things twice to make it account bound, waste of more gain. Microsoft has these things covered so SEGA merely hastens the profit people are willing to spend. I agree they need to allow gamers the freedom to create shorter/smaller characters just since I know some people who wont play spend cash on PSO2 differently. Companies can change their models, we'll see by the close of the year just how bad that the gatekeeping is when we catch up to JP and other platforms allowing more players to invest money.

    Is the combat on pso2?

    Im a massive fan of bns combat system aswell as bdo, and rn im kinda stuck on bdo since its one of the few games that I really enjoy playing however, I was looking for something new and was wondering just how the battle compared to bdo or bns, and how is the pvp aspect of PSO2? The combat is more like Monster Hunter concerning movement. It is not as eloquent as bdo or bns. The only type which has a pretty fluid collection by the standards of something such as monster hunter is bouncer. You can try it, but do not expect the movement like Korean matches from an 8 year old Japanese game.

    IMO the motion from pso2 feels a lot better then monster hunter. Motion in monster hunter feels a little sluggish, you can not do an entire turn when you rotate the control rod like you can in PSO2, strikes feel slower, and you can't jump unless you play insect glave, that is my best weapon type. Speaking from planet and my experience playing MHU4. I enjoy monster hunter but every time I pick it up I put it. I actually almost did not play pso2 since I heard it was a lot like monster hunter but today after starting pso2 I am finding it hard to quit playing it, it is just really fun game that, feels like monster hunter with how questing works, but gameplay wise feels much smoother then monster hunter.

    On another note, never heard of bns but if the controllers are even smoother afterward pso2 then I'll have to check that out. I would say PSO2 battle is quicker but it is not just better than MH especially MHW. Combat doesn't become shit just beacuse it is"slower" and doesn't have leap. MHW actually has fluid motion and it isn't sluggish in any way, the combat just is focused with timing(it unites well for a somewhat slower gameplay) and positioning(that is the reason why hard locking in that game is really shit) while still PSO2 is a faster version of that(rather than precisely smoother. MH gameplay is smooth but not quicker ). Heck I can't really get serious regarding PSO2play runs than in MH since hardlocking is detrimental for the majority of the cheap Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta content.