There is a lot to find with over 150 fish and insects to catch

  • After donating that first piece of art to Blathers, he will make an application for a museum growth. After a day of closures, the museum is going to have a new art gallery wing. Here, you can see the Animal Crossing Bells artwork you have bought from Redd (and then donated) on screen. If you attempt to donate a forgery into Blathers, he will be a bit disappointed in you. Be sure to use a guide (or brush up on your own art history) so you don't get scammed!

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons - What To Do After the Credits Roll

    You've enticed several villagers to live in your island, pulled off a three-star rating, and eventually had the chance to see K.K. Slider play on town. New Horizons is a game -- diehard fans will be playing this nicely into 2021. But if you are wondering what to do this the credits have rolled, we've got a few thoughts for you.

    There is a lot to find with over 150 fish and insects to catch together with innumerable fossils to dig up. If you're gracious enough to give them rather than cashing out in Nook's 28, blathers will display your discoveries. With the most beautiful museum design seen from the franchise, hunting down rare bugs is a much more attractive option . All your discoveries are monitored in the Critterpedia, also, making it effortless to learn how much you have accomplished throughout your time on the staircase.

    The pleasure of Animal Crossing is currently decking out your digital home with all types of equipment. The Happy Home Academy will then position your design skills, sending out trophies and plaques . Depending on the type of furniture used and the orientation in which it is organized, you are going to earn a different amount of points. The best you can hope for is the'S' Ranking, but by putting together an abode it is also possible to attempt to nab the Gold HHA Trophy that scores over 150,000 points. It's not a simple undertaking but will give you something to do past the credits.

    Congratulations! You are a homeowner! But you know what's better than being a homeowner? Being a homeowner. Tom Nook will let you upgrade your house numerous occasions, maxing out with an attic, four bedrooms, and a basement. That is nothing to sneeze at, and your final upgrade will run you 2.5 million Bells. Certainly that is going to keep you busy for some months.From fishing and bug-catching to chatting with neighbors and selling seashells, you will find a million unique ways to earn Nook Miles. Not only can you make some benefits for finishing these challenges but attempting to complete all them is cheap Animal Crossing New Horizons Items a great reason to continue. Additionally, there is such a huge variety of activities to accomplish that you'll never get bored of doing the same thing over and over.