There are two different ways you can get Amethyst Shards in Los

  • A way to avoid this is to reach Friendly stage one along with Nia by gifting her legendary gifts so that you can skip Friendly level two and skipping to Trusted level Lost Ark Gold. If, for instance, you are on Friendly first level with Nia and have 7000 points, you can gift her 13 legendary gifts for her to skip Trusted. Unfortunately, building rapport with Nia is much more difficult by using this method, if you do not have the virtue stats required to go to Trusted.

    Additionally, you can earn an Omnium Star from completing the Purification Ceremony every day, which is known as the Una task. While the actual task is not too challenging to complete, it will take you 21 real-world days to complete. You will need to start this as early as possible for the best chance of obtaining the Omnium Star swiftly. Thankfully, you can collect additional Omnium Stars in between these tasks.

    Lost Ark players told to "avoid" the Tytalos raid, as it's "not performing correctly". Struggling with the Lost Ark's Tytalos Guardian raid? You're not alone. This is the reason Smilegate has taken the enlightening step of informing users that it "strongly suggests avoiding" the raid until it is fixed.

    "We recognize an issue within Tytalos's Tytalos Guardian Raid that makes the task of defeating Tytalos within the timeframe allocated extremely challenging for the strength required for participation to the Guardian Raid, creating a barrier to progress Lost Ark Gold for sale," the team explained in a brief update released on the weekend.