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    Madden nfl 22 Still Plagued by Game-Breaking Franchise Save GLitch. Madden NFL is a Madden NFL games series has a dedicated fanbase. NFL fans do not have a choice but to play for football games. That's why Madden nfl 22 is still amazing despite its release in mid-August.

    The NFL season approaches it's ninth and final week. But it's precisely the investment from Madden supporters that's getting punished by a terribly disastrous flaw. Two and a half months after Madden nfl 22's launch, there's a chance that players will lose their entire team.

    Madden nfl 22 , players, have experienced an awful bug since game's launch. The exact cause of the problem is remains unknown. But the outcome is clearly evident. Players are attempting to access their team's franchises in the Franchise mode, but it won't be able to open.

    However they choose to do it whatever they do, whether it's reinstalling Madden nfl 22, or making use of the second (or three) savefile, they will not function cheap Mut 22 coins. The save files of their Franchise-based teams could be corrupted and unusable. What makes this error so particularlly unacceptable is that The Franchise mode feature in Madden is supposed to be where players can have long.