These are the five best three-point shooters in NBA 2K22

  • Timing is more important over attribute scores. Guards who have a solid block (around 40)) or an interior defense (at at least 35) will be able to be able to stop some players if they know their position and timing right NBA 2K Coins. If you're looking to gain more points fast in NBA 2K22 ensure you go to the Practice Facility and use the most efficient drills detailed above.

    Dunks have always been the source of highlights and posters in NBA 2K22. Dunk packages are more diverse than ever, and they are more suited to forwards, guards and centers. Different players can make different dunks depending on their height, position and weight as well as wingspan.

    The art of dunks and when to use it is a critical technique to include in your arsenal. It will help you to rack up more points and gain an advantage over the other players. Nothing is more satisfying than drilling into your opponent and then going up and running to win the game because of a monster jam that is placed over their center.

    Here's a dunk guide to help you master the basics, controls, as well as tips for finishing with confidence during NBA 2K22. There are two ways to hit the dunk in NBA 2K22; pressing"shoot" or pointing the left stick towards the rim - both while holding the speed trigger.

    The console you use, holding down the square button for PS5 or the X button on Xbox users , while holding the R2 or RT trigger, respectively, will let your player have an e-dunk Buy NBA 2K22 MT Coins. Alternately, you could place the right stick in the hoop while pressing the R2 or RT trigger to execute a dunk if you opt for that option.