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  • However, despite his reservations, Mtashed clarified that he believes the weapon is awe-inspiring and Yae Miko's finest Catalyst Lost Ark Boosting. But he just wanted to be aware that the appearance makes it suitable for limited usage. As far as weapons that can be used in lieu of it, the YouTuber suggested it is the Skyward Atlas and The Widsith are suitable alternatives.

    The Warzone Pacific Season 2 patch fixed many of the game's problems, however, players are still confused by the bug it's made. A new bug in the Battle Pass "Bundled Up" Legendary skin is reportedly turning Caldera into Sleepy Hollow.

    Warzone features a long, painful history with glitched Operator skins. Verdansk featured a completely invisible paid skin, while Pacific created the Battle Pass Operator whose body was impossible to see at certain distances.

    It's a good thing that the Pacific Season 2 patch was delayed by two weeks so developers could work on fixing some of the game's annoying glitches and bugs. The patch is out now and has made a huge improvement to the game, while balancing seemingly most arsenals.

    Unfortunately, , the update comes with its own issues. As users are finding out,"Bundled-Up" Legendary skin "Bundled with Up" legendary skin (which is part of the Battle Pass Bundle) seems to be missing a head... It's eerily similar to George Washington Irving's "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow."

    As you can see in the clip by streamer LouiCM as you can see in the clip from LouiCM, the "Bundled Up" skin for Wade isn't what one would imagine from its thumbnail. When previewing the Operator Cheap Lost Ark Gold, Wade isn't wearing anything above the neck.