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  • They're fine in a few places, but it's but not for the State Farm issue NBA 2K MT. That's just weird. However, rapping, fashion, sneakers, and everything else work in spots. The game shouldn't be less about those things and more about the thrilling basketball game we're playing.

    Yes, It's with Mike. Everything in 2K22 other than actual game activities only distracts from what the game excels at. As someone who doesn't really enjoy playing ball on the streets of The City at all, I'd be willing to suggest that I would be happy if they split the modes entirely. This probably isn't an advisable business move, however, so it's unlikely to take place.

    I'd prefer to see something more along the kind of MyCoach mode. Let me become the head coach of an athletic team from high school and climb the ladder to college , and eventually into the NBA in a 2-K take on Football Manager.

    We had an extensive feature list that we wanted to implement this year: faster-paced gaming, tighter and more responsive movement, more skill-based offense, as well as major adjustments to the player builder. We made an effort to ensure that we were offering the same top-quality gameplay upgrades for each PS5 and PS4 in order to ensure that Buy MT 2K22, regardless of what version you're running this year, you're sure to enjoy a fresh experience.