You can continue to play in the NBA following the completion of

  • In the last episode, the player who wants to go from being a beginner to an icon NBA MT Coins, it will take a considerable time to get better, and it will take a significant amount of time to accumulate enough reputation that they can be accepted into the world of basketball. The brief note about the upgrade path of "2K21" is still fresh in my brain. This episode from MyCareer the process is much easier. Players have relocated to live in the city since the beginning.

    They just need to slowly identify the individuals and things in the body, and each season has a new way to make progress. it can be improved by level 1. up to 40. With regards to the side missions, the game is a great "weekly event". Every week, there'll be a new track through the basketball city.

    Players need to use various modes of transportation like the portable skateboard. They also need to buy a separate Roller Blade. It is possible to use cycling, cycling, and even Kart in order to complete the race at the speed of light. In the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S cross-platform, winners who are fastest will be awarded the sum of 1 million VC.

    For the player who does not finish in the first place will also earn things like MVP points, VC or experience point. . The very first season "2K22", the biggest game is Chips Ahoy! Challenge on a weekend, the winning player can also get $1 million VC!

    The proStick expert rocker shooting system with a very high level of difficulty in the last episode, found hard to get even the main character Dame Buy MT 2K22. Of course, the factory received the feedback of gamers and changed to a brand new shooting system to "NBA 2K22", and even suggested that it could be among the older 2K.