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  • But what I recommended costs about 250k/game, which is compared to 400-500k for brews, which means it's worth trying it with rocks imo OSRS Gold. Additionally, they are much more easy to handle because your stats stay boosted and you dont need to worry about keeping track of 3-1/1 ratios while eating.

    I was just browsing and came across PC quite interesting. I'm going to try and get an void. What is the time it will take? I'm interested in knowing what ring, what bow... ( Does D Bow count as my most effective? ?)... and also if my arrows will come in at conclusion of the game.

    Also the helm, could an arma helm better? Arrows do not return to you after the conclusion of the game. I've heard void takes about 7-14 hours, but I never thought about recording time, however it was around 10 hours. I'd highly recommend opting for void other than if you're planning to renew membership.

    First off, I think the Runcrafting minigame, the Great Orb Project, is the best way to earn money for f2p. So get 50 RC ASAP! Train Atk and Str on Men at Edgeville. Next, we will visit the Guards within the palace at Al Kharid, and finishing off with Flesh Crawlers in the second Stronghold of Secruity. The best location for Flesh Crawlers is the south-east corner room.

    Range: You could practice this at the men also, or even at cows, using this safe spot in between the two feeding bowls south and west of the Lumbridge cow patch. After you've hit about 20 or so, move towards the Minotaurs on the first stage of the Stronghold of Secruity RS 2007 Accounts. Find a room to your taste and then secure it in a secure area behind the fence.