The NBA 2K games have become the basketball game that has defin

  • Try to impress those of those who've walked through the previous installment Nba 2k22 Mt. You will see, the true effectiveness of your work will depend on the version from which you start: again, the versions of the latest generation systems are dazzling, while the rest have evolved in a more controlled manner.

    This doesn't mean you should think that NBA 2K22 has stopped impressing beyond PS5 or Xbox Series X. In fact, there have been some great developments and modifications that have the desired effect for veteran players. However, as was the case last year, the main leap in quality in the series lies in the improvements (not the additions) of a few new generation consoles.

    Instead of just providing better outcomes and faster loading times rather, make use of the massive tech and aesthetic power of the game. Also, for a small sample that's all there is to it, every one of the images you'll see in this review has been pulled from our version that comes with Xbox Series X.

    However, once you've adjusted to the look and the revamped gameplay, which we will talk about just below, it is time to enter the Pandora's basket of NBA 2K22. More specifically, the two great pillars of the game: the addicting MyTEAM mode and the incredibly revamped My Career. Two different gaming experiences each other, 2K Games once again revalidates its own ideas of offering the best basketball experience possible in video games. Big words.

    NBA 2K22 was launched with the intention of celebrating an entire 75-year history of the NBA. Not with thematic or cosmetic elements, but by putting every ounce of meat in terms of features and game modes, and simultaneously completely destroying us by taking advantage on the potential of their licenses and giving them a greater amount of strength buy 2k22 mt. The team's history and historical players shine again through their star games and of course, they are able to make sure that the WNBA (the women's division) comes out and is strengthened.