It is one of the top liked and popular RuneScape techniques

  • Personally, I would not suggest you get Bandos in your CB (if you're still not 100or more yet!) I would suggest that you train your stats more before you take on the challenge RS Gold. But, if you must, Abberant spectres are pretty excellent, I think.

    I wanna team corp and try out GwD, what level do you suggest I should be aiming for before attempting however? I'm planning to melee and be with a group of more than 100 clan members. Do you think I stand a chance with these lvls tho? I'm also in need of suggestions on what i should take in inventory, and equip.

    I'd like to work with most of the corp... And how many of 100+ people will I have to select? Please advise! For GWD Dunge, with a team there should be at least 80 people, however with one clan on the larger side (Maybe more than 7 people with a tank? ).

    Howdy-hey! Your neighborhood rawrgoyle is coming in to say hello, to blather on, things like that. Um, outside of just the general "WELCOME!" I'm guessing I don't have anything else to add. I usually mention that I use the Task program in forums like this. The Easy/Medium set of Lumbridge/Draynor does not require a huge amount of experience, and you can get a decent amount of cash from performing it!

    Somebody will probably make me right on this one but I'm guessing about 30k? Perhaps more, but certainly not less. Speaking to Explorer Jack just north of the castle can start you off on that Buy RS 3 Gold. In-game, add me! I'd love to talk to you with you, assist you, gossip, etc.