Runescape was known for its journeys

  • Diaries of achievement are divided into four categories , based on the level of difficulty. Easy, medium, hard elite. The initial ones are usually extremely easy and rarely require much effort or time RS Gold. They don't even require skills above level 40. Medium tasks are often instances equally simple, while they may require capabilities to reach levels 65. Hard ones, as the title implies are more complex and require special skills to reach a level of 75.

    The most elite tasks are designed for endgame players as they may need a minimum of level 90 in specific abilities. Even though completing elite tasks generally take a bit of time and could require specific level of skill and abilities, they also reward the players with the most valuable treasures. When they complete every Achievement Diaries, players gain access to Cyan trim for Quest Point Cape and can purchase the exclusive Achievement Diary Cape.

    The Cape is acquired by obtaining an Achievement Diary Hood from Twiggy O'Korn located in Draynor Village just south of the bank. He sells it for 99k GP exclusively to those who have all Diaries completed. It is, without no doubt, one of most difficult things to get in the game as it is not just a matter of excellent skill levels, but the achievement of numerous tasks that usually involve lengthy quests.

    The Achievement Diary Cape will be cut when you have completed every quest, making the cut version more difficult to acquire. Similar to Quest Point Cape, this item will lose its trim when a new quest comes out. The item is cut only after all quests in the game are completed. Therefore, each new mission must be completed, as well.

    Both trimmed and untrimmed versions of this cape have +9 bonus for any defensive stats, and a +4 bonus to Prayer skill, making it best in slot untrimmed capes for Prayer. Achievement Diary Cape also has ten daily teleport charges to the Achievement Diary Master Old School RuneScape Gold, which makes it a great item for transport.