The previous NBA 2K titles had a method of playing in real-life

  • Be aware that you're taking risks by using any unsanctioned pathway to getting VC. Therefore, we do not have any responsibility for disciplinary decisions that arise from exploiting these glitches nba 2k22 mt coins. With all our bases finally covered, let's focus on what's important.

    Following the release of NBA 2K22, players found they could gain easy VC through quitting 2K22's next-gen game just as their first game at Brickley's Gym was scheduled to finish. This is technically still possible in the latest update for 2K22 however there's another wrinkle in this process. To get your VC and badge progress after the game, you must win the game each time.

    So, go to your MyCareer, specifically for a new profile, which has gone through all the beginning tutorials. Then, head to Brickley's Gym it's located on your City map. Then, enter the building, and begin by talking to the NPC inside. When your badge progress comes up at the conclusion of the game, stop out and quit the game.

    Insert yourself back into the game and instantly accelerate your speed through the left bumper. If you do it correctly, the game will continue to play as if you've not played the game buy mt nba 2k22, however you'll still be able to keep the badge progress or VC you won from your previous win. Keep playing in your very first round, and keep winning and enjoy the rewards.