If you plan to attend the funeral of Runescape

  • People have turned to illegal smugglers or pirates to trade because of animosity toward the customs authority. The conflict between these two forces could be explored in quests RS 2007 Fire Cape, and you could decide to support either one. Colonial Boston would be the closest representation of real life.

    All Runescape regions currently comprise the medieval region of Europe or the near east. For example, Fremmeniks-Scandanavia, Karamja-Sub-Saharan Africa, Asgarnia/Misthalin/Kandarin-England, Morytania-Eastern Europe, Al Kharid-Arabia.

    That really only leaves Mediterranean/Southern Europe, so it would be logical for the new continent to resemble Italy/Spain/Greece. Iron age ideas could be integrated into this, I think. It is possible to create two cities that look like Rome and Carthage, for example. (Carthage is not a city that uses elephants).

    They're not fighting however they were in the past. They are currently locked in a heated standoff. If you try to travel along the route between them, you'll be attacked by powerful adversaries. You could choose to have one or two cities Buy OSRS Accounts, and then have quests that your character must fight against the city that is evil. Or you could have them all on equal footing.