Inspections at the earliest stages of manufacture to avoid a ne

  • Even with an adequate supplier and detailed specifications, it is possible to have a negative result following the pre-shipment inspection, due to misunderstandings, cost reduction, shortage of workers, etc. In order to avoid this, the solution is to carry out inspections from the first stages of manufacture:

    Pre-production inspection

    This step makes it possible to ensure that the supplier has understood the specifications, to check the availability of raw materials, and the conditions in the factory before the start of production.

    The first article inspection

    It makes it possible to verify that the first articles produced as well as the production speed comply with what had been granted beforehand. In the event that any non-conformities are found, it suffices to correct them during production, thus avoiding any production delays.

    Inspection during production from 30%, 40%, 50%, 60%

    To monitor production speed and check step by step that the quality of the goods meets the requirements of the buyer. For each of these stages, inspections make it possible to correct non-conformities directly on the production line without affecting delivery times.

    Pre-production, first article and production inspections detect manufacturing defects as soon as they appear. These inspections allow manufacturers to react quickly avoiding serious financial consequences while delivering the goods on time or with a reasonable delay.