How To Master Shooting Meter In NBA 2K21?

  • Every time you shoot the ball in NBA 2K21 — whether you use stick or button shooting — a meter fills up. Your job is to stop your shot right at the top of the counter. The meter determines your release and ultimately serves as the deciding factor in whether the ball goes into the basket or not. You can change the color and position of the light meter in the menu.

    We believe that the stick shooting (with the right analog stick) feels more natural and leads to better timing. If you have to stop your shot, it's a matter of feeling. We'll say it might be tempting to stop the shot prematurely, but try to hold a little longer than feels right. The green reaches the top with a slight delay, a sweet point that you can hit with accuracy if you are patient.

    You can also look at the player's hands. Chances are, you can recognize the peak, the ideal release angle of a jump. It is important to pay attention to both the counter and the movement of a player, as the jump shape varies from player to player. Some players release quickly, while others have an exaggerated succession.

    If you keep these two things in mind, you'll probably start pretty regularly (just a little late or early) and eventually the flashing green. " excellent "timing" that guarantees a successful shot.

    When driving to the tire, the timing of the shooting knife varies. Each layup animation has a different timing, so you just have to familiarize yourself with your players to learn the timing.


    Pay attention to the coverage

    The second part of controlling recordings that you can control is coverage. After each recording, in addition to the release timing, the cover appears at the top of the screen. From wide open, to open, too easily contested, too hard fought for NBA 2k Coins, to suffocated, your position in relation to the defense. Wide open and open shots have a higher probability of falling, even if your timing is not perfect. You can be a little early or a little late and still make blows if the shooter has no hands on his face.

    The point is, take quality shots and don't force them when defenders are all over you. Even if you appear from time to time in a highly competitive coverage, there is almost always a better look.


    Change your shots

    The standard jump shot (moving the correct analog and holding down Square or holding Square on the NBA 2K21 MT on PS5 / PS4 / X on the Xbox One) will do most of the time, but you should be aware of the different types of shots in your arsenal be.

    The best possible result from a standard shot is nothing but net. But if you are diagonally from the basket we prefer to try walking out of the glass. We found that timing is not that critical and that it gives you more leeway.

    To execute a bank shot off the backboard, move the right stick toward the basket instead of straight up. Close to the tire but not close enough for a layup, a floater will give you the touch you need while you're on the move. Pull the right stick back first, then pull it forward to create a tall, arched shot.

    If you lose your dribble while in the suit, you can still get a high quality shot with a step through. A step-through starts with a wrong pump (tap on Square / X). Just before you fake the pump, commit a shot. The ball handler takes a step and moves through cover for a less contested shot.

    Sometimes all you have to take is one shot, but the cover is too tight. A spin shot will get you back and away from the coverage so you needed the breakup in order to get the dropping off. To take a spin shot, press and hold R2 on PS4 (RT on Xbox One) and double-tap Square / X.

    Another way to create the split on a jump shot is to use a collection. While dribbling, point the left stick in the direction you want to go and tap Square / X. You go left or right and go to an open look.


    Get into painting as often as possible

    We're here to efficiently tell you that offensive in NBA 2K21 means getting as much color as possible for high-proof layups and dunks. Shoot near the basket while driving and you will automatically enter a layup or dunk animation.

    Fortunately, NBA 2K21 made the offense. You can work your way into the color relatively easily. If the lane is blocked, that's fine - toss it to one of your teammates on the sidelines for an open jumper or three. Trying to go in the color creates space for the looks you need.

    It's also the best chance of reaching the free-throw line. If you pull into the paint, AI-controlled defenders will try to block your way to the basket. If you can manage one shot, you have a pretty good chance of getting fouled.