How to choose the heets flavor do you like

  • How to choose the heets flavor do you like

    Enjoy the new blend of the high note of warm fruit, freshness that will fill your lungs with an aroma that will last only for some time and taste unforgettable. The Highly-intense flavor, saturation and density of the Apricity HEETS makes them stand out from other HEET flavors. The perfect blend of Apricity and Tobacco makes it a memorable session and fills your mouth with a refreshing taste and breath.To get more news about Heat not burn, you can visit official website.

    The Creations Apricity HEETS comes in the packaging of 10 packs and has up to 200 HEET Stick poles. Each HEET Stick contains 5mg flavor, tobacco and filters that filter the pollutants and chemicals which makes our HEET Sticks a lot safer and healthier than the conventional cigarette.Get the taste of fresh herbs in your mouth even long after the sessions by getting the premium Glaze HEETS. The Creations Glaze HEETS is a flavor that mixes the herb’s freshness with the tobacco and gives a fantastic bland that is unforgettable. You will have an everlasting experience that offers an intense taste, aroma, and fresh flavor, leaving a significant mark behind.

    Enjoy one of the most premium flavors of the HEET sticks, and that is the delicate citrus in NOOR HEET sticks. In 14 puffs, you will feel the taste getting deep inside you, and you will get the unforgettable and unimaginable experience ever in your HEET sessions. The highly intense flavor and aroma of NOOR HEET sticks make it stand out from the crowd.

    Enjoy the unforgettable and fantastic taste of the Yugen HEETS, a sweet and intense flavor of Fresh floral that goes deep inside the lungs and cherishes you the core. The freshness and aroma of floral and the density of the flavor is fantastic. The Yugen HEETs stick gives smokers a taste that will last long after the HEET sessions.