UWOO YOWO Review for heat not burn devices

  • UWOO YOWO Review for heat not burn devices

    UWOO YOWO is a game changer ! UWOO YOWO is unlike anything we’ve ever reviewed before, because it works with traditional cigarettes rather than HeatSticks. Now you may be thinking ‘isn’t that just smoking then?’ Not at all! UWOO YOWO is still a Heat-not-Burn device, as it only heats the cigarette – it doesn’t burn it. The design of the device also separates the tobacco plug from the cigarette filter meaning that you are inhaling highly filtered nicotine vapors, rather than concentrated smoke. The focus here is harm reduction, by reducing the amount of chemicals that are emitted from the cigarette while still providing that familiar flavor of cigarettes.To get more news about Hitaste P8, you can visit hitaste.net official website.

    Now before using your UWOO YOWO device you’ll want to check the battery status. To do so just click the control button once. The number of lights that light up will show you the level of charge remaining. 4 lights means more than 75% charge remaining, 3 lights means 75%-50%, 2 lights is 50%-25%, and 1 light means less than 25%. If your device has less than 75% charge, we recommend charging before use. Charging takes approximately 2.5 hours.