Premier League kits ranked

  • Premier League kits ranked It has come later than anticipated this year but after a slight delay, new kit season is well underway.Get more news about cheap football kit online,you can vist!

    Beady-eyed football supporters might have noticed a few clubs sporting fresh kits during the final few games of an elongated season such as Chelsea and recently relegated Bournemouth. As tradition dictates, a few clubs used their final game of the season as an opportunity to wear next season’s colours with Arsenal, Brighton and Southampton doing so and all winning.With the tight six-week turnaround from the end of 2019-20 to the start of 2020-21 now upon us, more and more new kits are being plastered all over social media.

    Although a few clubs are keeping supporters waiting, i has run the rule over those kits that have already dropped, rating the very good to the hideously bad.Adidas knocked it out of the park with their first Arsenal kits in three decades last season with fans lapping up the simple yet sleek home kit and throwback ‘bruised banana’ inspired away offering. This year’s home kit is even better than last year’s with an art deco effect across the front working spectacularly. Bravo.Puma didn’t do a Sterling job – pun intended – of their first Manchester City home kit last season, but this shattered glass look is much better. Looked great on during City’s 5-0 thrashing of Norwich. Southampton have bizarrely released their third kit before their away. It doesn’t matter, though, as any club taking inspiration from Peru’s classic white top and red sash look gains our utmost respect.It is a million times better than last season’s but does look a bit too much like a training kit. If it wasn’t for the enormous 3 logo, it might have been top rather than middle tier.