FIFA 21 TOTS Market Crash Guide - How To Save Coins After The M

  • The season's Team Of The Season has been determined. The Team Of The Season event will begin on April 23rd, with the announcement of the group Team Of The Season first. This is a community-driven team. EA has launched polling in which you can vote for the players you'd like to see in the game. Following this team, teams would be released on a weekly basis. Some would finally be two a week, and would last over the next two months. You must prepare for this case by saving packs and investing in the squad and poor players, or by opening packs and investing in other high-rated players. However, the FIFA ultimate squad demand has collapsed during the last fortnight. Player values have decreased significantly during the past week or two, which means that whether you opened packs from SBCs, squad wars, division opponents, FUT kings, or FUT draft, or wasted money opening packs, you will have received significantly less coins this week than last week.

    Assume that you were lucky enough to pack an uncommon gold edition of Ronaldo on PC last week on the 9th of April; he would have sold for 760K coins. 570K coins on PlayStation. 430K FUT 21 Coins For Xbox One. If you had to pack the same Ronaldo card this week, you will receive 520K, 390K PlayStation Coins, and 310K FUT 21 PS4 Coins. This is a significant decrease in less than a week. Ronaldo is not the only one who has seen a decrease in valuation; any player in the ultimate squad with a significant value greater than a hundred thousand coins has seen a drop of about twenty percent. They've both had significant price reductions. Much of this occurred as a result of the leagues involving Team Of The Season; as soon as these leagues were announced, hardcore players responded by selling their club's most expensive players. Thus, when Team Of The Season is announced, they will be coin-rich. After Team Of The Season concludes, they can either repurchase the players they initially purchased at a significantly reduced amount, or use the coins they already have to purchase Team Of The Season copies of certain players, or they can simply purchase stronger teamless season players in general to boost their squads. This is a prudent decision, and if you took it, congratulations; you have already maximized the account's value; you will still purchase the whole squad from the funds you previously had and still be in a better spot. You'll have the same band, with a couple bonus coins to play with. Being between 25% and 40%, based on the players you initially had. If you didn't do this and are still hanging onto your players, though you can't undo the past, you can take several action moving forward to optimize the coins in your account.

    The first thing to understand is that the economy will continue to decline in price; this is an inescapable reality. Many who did sell all their costly players last week pushed down player rates as they continued to discount the lowest on the market, despite the fact that few consumers were interested in purchasing these players for their teams. Due to the sudden price decline, this caused fear among other investors, who ultimately sold their players, further depressing the business. When EA eventually revealed that Team Of The Season will begin on April 23rd, it caused players' prices to drop much more. However, believe it or not, we are only in the early stages of this financial collapse. This is only the beginning for those who are current members of the ultimate squad who are familiar with what occurs each year at these kinds of activities. Team Of The Season will be announced on April 23rd. You'll have last-minute players running through their clubs, listing their expensive players in order to earn coins for the game, which has already begun, and then the market will collapse out. There will be a large number of players unwrapping boxes. If you've been saving your bags, you're going to open them in search of Team Of The Season members. However, the whole FIFA culture would do the same thing. They've either saved packs or thrown money at the game, ready to open as many packs as possible in the hope of landing a Team Of The Season player. This is the peak of the crash; the market will be filled with goods, and everybody will be on the lookout for a squad of season players, waiting to find them in their packs as they open. However, realistically, you'll primarily acquire gold teams, which will immediately be reported on the exchange. So those individuals will easily reclaim their coins, open additional bags, and hope for Team Of The Season players. This is a destructive loop that will continue to repeat itself, and as it does, the economy will continue to decline in volume. And if you can purchase a wild pool, such as the gold edition of Ronaldo, odds are you would not keep it in your club when the price drops. Other than that, you're actually going to sell the Ronaldo at the lowest price possible in order to earn fast coins, which will be tossed back into packs in the hope of obtaining Team Of The Season stars. At this point in FIFA, no one cares for gold teams, regardless of how highly ranked they are. While everybody wants to obtain high-rated special cards, it's worth remembering that the majority of players at this point are not interested in purchasing players. This often has an effect on the market; why will you purchase a rare gold Ronaldo if you know it would depreciate in value? Thus, even though the market is currently at an all-time low, it is about to fall even more, particularly as packs for Team Of The Season begin to open.

    Now that we've established that the economy will continue to decline, what should we do?

    The first thing you should do is trade every high-priced player that your club currently has. As previously said, the price has fallen precipitously, but it is predicted to fall much lower. Therefore, if you have any players worth more than $100,000, it's worth considering selling them now and repurchasing them at a later date at a lower amount. Players have also begun to do so, as shown by their listing of their players last week, but only because the demand has fallen does not suggest it is too late. It's going to fall lower, which means you can do the same thing now and repurchase the players next week, or even better, halfway through Team Of The Season, or even better, near the end of the teamless season. When examining past ultimate teams, the price decrease during the teamless season is typically the game's last true market collapse before September's release of a new ultimate team. As a result, Ronaldo's stock is likely to fall below the 200k level.

    Additionally, you should save your packs for teamless season activities. Opening packs now would yield none. Gold rare matches, high-rated exclusive games, and fresh promos are simply not worth it. You are much better off saving any kind of pack you obtain for the Team Of The Season, since this ensures that you can receive everything useful. Although there is no promise that you can receive a teamless season player, it is preferable to have a chance later than to receive none, which is a total waste of coins now.