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  • Since its introduction, the Captur has gained enormous popularity throughout Europe, as well as in the Asian market, where its compact design makes it easier to maneuver through traffic.  Renault, on the other hand, has been planning for the future of the Captur and has attempted to be strategic, as the company refers to it as the "three pillars of mobility. "

    A plug-in hybrid engine will be used to power the all-new Captur, which will be the first of its kind by the end of the program, according to the manufacturer.

    All Renault vehicles will be equipped with a cutting-edge connectivity system, and the new Captur represents the pinnacle of that technology, with its EASY CONNECT platform and cutting-edge multimedia system, among other features.

    Autonomy - By 2022, the company intends to integrate some form of autonomous driving capabilities into 15 of its B-segment vehicles, with the new Captur being one of the first vehicles, aside from the Clio, to include such a feature.

    It appears that the company is putting forth significant effort to put all of these strategies into action, which indicates that they are highly effective.  The new Captur starts at around $21,000 and comes with a plug-in hybrid variant, which we will discuss in more detail later, as well as other multimedia features such as a 10-inch TFT instrument cluster, which can be purchased as an add-on for an additional cost.


    Trims And Features 

    Renault has recently added two new trims to its lineup, joining the previously available Play, Iconic, and S Edition models.  These are the SE Limited and R.  S.  Line trims.  The Play has a starting price of approximately $20,000 and includes features such as:

    • The engine is a 1. 0-liter turbocharged three-cylinder.

    • Cruise control is a useful feature.

    • Climate control that operates on its own

    • Providing lane-keeping assistance

    • Alloy wheels measuring 17 inches in diameter


    The new SE Limited is positioned between the Play and the Iconic, and it includes a number of useful features, including:

    • The standard 7. 0-inch touchscreen infotainment screen can be upgraded to a 10-inch lcd for an additional fee.

    • Navigation with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility

    • Emergency braking with automatic activation 

    S Edition and R.  S.  Line are very similar, but the latter is more expensive because it comes with a more powerful engine as standard, whereas the former does not.  When it comes to fuel economy, the plug-in hybrid powertrain outperforms the competition.  Additionally, the front bumper is designed in an F1 style, and the interior has been upgraded to include a leather steering wheel, sport seats, and other goodies.



    According to Renault, the Captur has been designed to be attractive in every way possible, and the exterior design is one of those ways.  The overall appearance is extremely sharp and sporty.  The updated front fascia now features all-LED headlamps with C-shaped LED daytime running lights that enhance the vehicle's sportier appearance, as well as a decent-sized chrome intake grille.  The front bumpers are equipped with two air deflectors, which, according to the company, improve aerodynamics while also contributing to improved fuel efficiency.  The rear of the vehicle is equipped with sleek C-shaped LED taillights that are similar in design.  In the rear, there is a single exhaust outlet under the bumper, which is silver in color.  The Captur is equipped with 17-inch alloy wheels as standard, with the option of upgrading to 18-inch alloy wheels.

    Because the new Captur has been completely redesigned from its predecessors, getting into the cabin is an unexpected pleasure. . . . The dashboard and door panels, as well as the rest of the cabin's materials, are extremely soft to the touch.  The "Smart Cockpit" is a new feature that includes a 9. 3-inch optional touchscreen display in the center and a 7-inch driver information display that can be upgraded to a 10 lcd for better suitability and accessibility.  The steering wheel is wrapped in faux leather, and the seats are upholstered in cloth as standard equipment.  As standard equipment on the R.  S.  Line are sports seats with leather upholstery.  On the whole, the cabin experience is quite good for the segment, and it provides excellent comfort and outward visibility, both of which are essential if you are driving it around town.

    Because Renault has made it possible for customers to personalize the interior of the Captur, even the base trim with proper customization is a very modern-looking SUV.  The cabin has room for up to 5 people and will be ideal for city commuters because of its size.  Long highway drives are best done with a group of up to four people.  The cabin is spacious to a certain extent, and the wider body and longer wheelbase provide a little more legroom in the back seat.  With a cargo capacity of 19 cubic feet, this small SUV is more practical than ever.  Here are a few interior features that are worth highlighting:

    • Automatic climate control with dual zones.

    • Driver information display with a 10-inch screen.

    • The steering wheel is wrapped in leather.

    • Seats made of leather.  Heated seats are available as an option.

    • The rear of the vehicle has a 12V accessory socket.