The position of plasma surface processor in acrylic plate (PMMA

  • In acrylic plate (PMMA) before UV printing and jet printing, the role of plasma surface processor

    Acrylic is made of polymethyl methacrylate, also known as plexiglass, and its product categories include "Plexiglass sheets"," Colored Plexiglass sheets" and" Lucite sheets". It has the advantages of light weight, high transparency, low price and easy processing. It is a commonly used substitute material for glass.

    Acrylic plate is commonly used in windows, lighting covers, light boxes, aquariums, instrument panel covers, lamp shades, and other applications.

    Because of the low surface energy of acrylic materials, high hydrophobicity, weak surface tension, and poor adhesion when UV printing, printing, and spraying on them.

    Printing labels, printing patterns, and spraying coating peel off easily after UV printing, printing, and spraying, and there are minor scratches. To resolve this problem, the acrylic material's hydrophobicity must be converted to hydrophilicity, increasing the surface tension to the dyne value needed for inks and coatings.

    Currently, two methods are widely used in the industry:

    The first type is a grinding surface. The surface of the acrylic plate is polished rough with a grinding machine, so that the surface is not smooth, allowing ink and paint to cling to the surface and not easily slip off.

    When the glue is identical to the carton with UV coating on the pasting machine, it is important to use a grinding machine to roughen the bonded portion, which allows the glue to bond more easily and improves the glue bonding ability.

    Second, using paint (treating agent).

    Apply a coat of paint on an acrylic sheet in order to print the printing or spraying details on the paint. Because of the properties of the coating material, the coating would be securely applied to the acrylic plate, and the surface of the coating is easily ink or paint attached to its surface, so this activity is conducive to the subsequent printing and printing method. However, this form of using paint is usually smelly and irritant, and the cost is reasonably high.

    Is it possible to go green?

    Yeah, the answer is yes. That is, prior to the use of plasma surface treatment, PMMA acrylic plate in UV printing, spraying, and printing. Only compressed air and a 220V power supply are needed to complete the printing, printing, pad printing, screen printing, bronzing, and other processes on the green and pollution-free acrylic plate.

    The plasma surface treatment machine, also known as the plasma cleaning machine, can improve the surface of acrylic board, transforming it into a hydrophilic surface hydrophobic surface, increasing the dyne value of the acrylic sheet, making it easier for ink or paint adhesion on the acrylic board, improving the fastness of ink or coating, and greatly improving the yield of acrylic UV printing and spraying.