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  • In case you're unfamiliar with the series, you're probably wondering what The Roost is and why Brewster has become such a beloved character in the process. We'll go over everything you need to know about Brewster and his coffee shop in the following sections.

    As the only pigeon employed at The Roost, Brewster is known as "Brewster. It was in bells animal crossing Wild World for the Nintendo DS that Brewster first appeared, and it was there that he opened his coffee shop, making him one of the series' most established characters. If players got to know him well enough and continued to purchase coffee from him, he might even start making their orders exactly the way they wanted them to be.

    In Wild World for the Nintendo DS, The Roost made its debut, and according to the teaser Nintendo released, the New Horizons version of The Roost will be no different. According to Blathers and Brewster's friendship, the location of The Roost appears to be related to their shared friendship. The shop is usually quite small, about the size of a villager's house, and it does not sell any kind of home décor items other than books.

    Once you obtain The Roost in other games, you will be able to locate villagers who come into the shop. There will even be a small section in many of the only ACNH bells villager profiles detailing how each individual villager prefers their coffee. A few fans will even go so far as to invite fictional characters to their island who drink their coffee in a manner that is similar to their own.

    Depending on which game you are playing, there are a variety of activities that you can engage in at The Roost. It's possible to work as a barista for Brewster in some of the later games in the series, and you can prepare drinks for the animals on your island, as well as for some of the special characters. Additionally, in previous games, concerts were held at The Roost on a regular basis.

    Gyroids are small music-making devices that have appeared in previous games in the series but have been absent from New Horizons due to a lack of space. The Roost even had special Gyroids that could only be obtained by working at the cafe; these were given out as incentives to those who worked there. They were different from regular Gyroids in that they were designed to look like Brewster himself, and they each made a sound that was associated with both Brewster and The Roost.

    A player in animal crossing buy bells: New Horizons is reacting with the Shocked reaction in the game. They're dressed in red chef's uniforms with blonde braids and a red beret, respectively. As previously mentioned, if you were close enough to Brewster to work at The Roost, you could get a part-time job there. Traditionally, you could work at The Roost between the hours of 11 a. m. m., provided that the day wasn't a holiday.

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