FIFA 22 New Gameplay: Overhauled Defending System, New Story Mo

  • The start of the new FIFA season is quickly approaching. Find out what fans would like to see on the field in FIFA 22. There are countless possibilities for what EA Sports' upcoming game could bring to the table. This year's entry is expected to build on the new-generation foundations laid by last year's FIFA 21 PS5 and Xbox Series X port.

    FIFA is one of the most successful video game franchises of all time, with each annual release rarely falling outside of the top ten of the game sales charts. The reveal of this year's entry, FIFA 22, is on the horizon. It could happen today or as late as the EA Play presentation on July 22nd. After the recent European Super League controversy, we should consider ourselves fortunate to even be getting the game. EA Sports continued their focus on revamping Career mode and improving Volta Football in FIFA 21, and there is much speculation about the changes and improvements that will be made this year as the series fully transitions to next-generation consoles. Here are six things that fans should look forward to in FIFA 22.

    Although story mode isn't the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about FIFA, it's something that EA Sports has been focusing on for the past few years. The Journey, which took place over three games, followed Alex Hunter's rise to the top of the footballing world. They have since turned their attention to a similar story for their street football mode, which they have dubbed VOLTA Football. This, on the other hand, has left players who aren't fans of this skill-based mode, such as myself, with nothing.

    While continuing the VOLTA Football story, I would like to see EA cater to other players by introducing a created character story mode, similar to 2K's MyCareer mode. It is already possible to play as your own character, also known as a 'Pro,' in Career, despite the fact that the game lacks a narrative and has seen only minor changes over the years.

    Players could choose where their character transfers, have the option of causing tension within their team (I could annoy Marcos Alonso to the point where he finally leaves Chelsea) or with their rivals, and even enter a scenario in which a controversial situation causes their character's football career to be resurrected. If given the proper amount of attention, it has the potential to be very successful and contribute to the long-term success of FIFA.

    Since its release, FIFA 21 has gotten a lot of negative feedback. One of the most frequently voiced criticisms has been the defending gameplay system. It's an area where FIFA 22 could use some work. In my experience, far too many of the tackles that I make result in my opponent regaining possession of the ball instead of my tackler or a teammate. My midfield does not track back to assist my defense, and experimenting with different tactics does not appear to resolve this strange problem. Containing attackers is less effective than it was in previous years, as defenders frequently fail to close down the opponent. I'm not a particularly strong defensive player, but something doesn't seem quite right here.

    4-4 is a balanced scoreline, but recurrent 4-4s and 5-5s do not contribute to a balanced gameplay experience. While attacking is enjoyable, the same cannot be said for defending. It's a gameplay system that could stand to be improved in order to be more user-friendly. If I make a great last-minute tackle, I'd like to be rewarded for it 90% of the time. I don't want to be constantly reminded that the ball is going straight back to the opposing striker. More animations, such as three defenders running into a line to block a long-range shot, would be appreciated as well.

    FIFA Ultimate Team is the most popular game mode in the FIFA franchise. Players can assemble their ideal teams by collecting powerful special cards and competing against one another in a competitive environment. A significant amount of effort goes into acquiring these teams, however. Players can either purchase players with FIFA Coins or try their luck by opening packs with coins or FIFA Points, also known as microtransactions (the latter option has sparked a great deal of controversy). FUT Draft, on the other hand, is a feature that allows players to draft a team of players and then enter a tournament with that team. The catch is that there is a fee involved, and the tournament prizes are, unfortunately, pitiful. I once won two out of four matches and came close to breaking even on the value of my pack rewards.

    While the main appeal of Draft is the opportunity to play with special cards that are extremely difficult to obtain, the lack of reasonable rewards discourages me from participating as much as I would like. I would rather save my coins and use my time to play another feature that provides me with significantly better rewards. In FIFA 22, draft players should not be penalized thousands of FIFA 21 Coins simply because they lose their first match. They should break even and then make more money with each match they win. Higher-value packs do not necessarily guarantee greater rewards, allowing the game's overall balance to be maintained. Drafting should be a pleasurable experience, not one that is regretted.

    Career mode, which is my favorite feature of FIFA, allows players to manage any team to the top of the league over the course of 15 years. The most difficult challenges are achieving board objectives, keeping the team motivated, and developing young players. After years of little change, EA has recently responded to fan demand by beginning to place a greater emphasis on the Career mode through player training, press conferences, and other means. However, the demand for an online version of Career continues to exist.

    It's fascinating to consider how an online Career mode in FIFA 22 would function. I'd like to see two different approaches to playing with friends. The first involves two players managing the same team in cooperative mode, taking turns making transfers and playing matches while remaining in constant communication with one another. The other is a group of six or eight players who are in charge of their own team. For example, eight players could all choose to represent different Premier League teams. I believe it would be entertaining to compete against friends over the course of a 38-game season. Consider the scenario of a title-deciding final day between two best friends. It could endanger friendships, but online Career would breathe new life into a resurrected game mode.

    Difficulty spikes can be extremely painful. You become a master at a game on one difficulty level only to be crushed the moment you advance to the next level of difficulty. This is the case in FIFA 21. I've destroyed teams 7-0 on World Class difficulty, with the AI providing little resistance. When I increased the difficulty to Legendary, I discovered that I was struggling to even get a shot on goal, and that I was losing by three or four goals. Every artificial intelligence team would play like the Barcelona of Pep Guardiola. There is a lack of balance, which can lead to players wanting to give up on the game. It's a problem that needs to be addressed.

    For starters, each AI team should have its own distinct playing style. Newport County, a team from England's fourth division, is playing exactly the same football as Premier League champions Manchester City, which is absurd. Every game should be a unique experience with a unique challenge, regardless of how difficult it is. Yes, unexpected results can and should occur, but not because I was out-skilled and dominated by a team that was significantly worse than mine. It is not acceptable to be able to drop one difficulty level and then destroy them 8-0. EA Sports must exercise caution when it comes to difficulty spikes, or else playing offline will continue to be a frustrating experience.

    Women's football made its debut in the FIFA franchise with the release of FIFA 16. In Kick Off and Tournament mode, players could take on the roles of female international teams, either alone or with their friends. It was a significant step forward for the sport. Since then, women's football has continued to grow in popularity, with global viewing figures expected to increase by 360% in the next few years. This is in part due to a significant new broadcasting agreement in the United Kingdom. Despite this, women's football in FIFA 21 is exactly the same as it was five games prior. It's still only international teams, and you can only play as them in the same modes as before. The progression of the sport must be reflected in the best-selling sports franchise.

    A significant step forward would be the inclusion of national leagues from multiple countries, such as the Women's Super League in the United Kingdom, in FIFA 22, as well as the ability to play every club from the top leagues. Players should be able to take on the roles of these teams in Career mode as they strive to win the Women's Champions League. They might even try to dethrone the United States of America as the international manager of the Women's World Cup.

    Women's players should be included in Ultimate Team as well, where there could be a new fantasy game mode that allows players to create their ideal intergender squad. Increased presentation could be fantastic for the sport, and it could even increase the number of female players. It would result in increased revenue for EA, which would be music to their ears.