Look no further than New World for the most effective weapons

  •  Look no further than New World for the most effective weapons available.  After reaching level 5, you will be able to equip two new world coins, and because each weapon has a choice of two skill trees, you can mix and match them to suit your preferred playstyle.




    For those new to Aeternum, we recommend checking out our beginner's guide for some pointers, or perhaps you'd prefer to jump right into the action by learning about crafting.  The following information will help you understand the various Cheap New World Coins For Sale that New World has to offer if you're ready to learn more about them.  new world coins in the New World
    Due to the lack of classes in New World, your ability to play as a damage dealer, tank, or healer is dictated by the Cheap New World Coins For Sale you choose.  Even that isn't set in stone, however, because you can equip two very different new world coins:Change between two different playstyles is simple, and you can use a variety of Cheap New World Coins For Sale that are complementary to one another.

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    It is possible to mix and match the abilities of each weapon's two distinct skill trees, and each weapon has its own unique skill tree.  One-handed Buy Cheap New World Coins of the New World
    Weapon of choice: sword (as well as shield).
    The most important characteristic is. Intuition

    This is your first weapon, and it serves the same purpose as the traditional tanking setup in most situations.  The sword is the only weapon in the game that can be used in conjunction with a shield at the time of this writing (March 2018).

    With Swordmaster's Leaping Strike and Defender's Shield Rush, both skill trees provide modest movement abilities, as well as damage and damage reduction buffs, respectively.

    Knife: Dexterity is the most important quality.

     The rapier is a fast weapon that can be very mobile if you use it correctly.  However, even after you unlock some of the core abilities for each skill tree, it can still feel quite weak in comparison.

    Hatchet's most important characteristic is strength (see below).

    Neither of the hatchet skill trees is concerned with dealing damage to the player character.  Rather than focusing on bleeds and diseases, the Berserker skill tree is centered on the Berserk mode, which increases damage while it is activated.

    When it comes to survivability combined with relatively strong melee attacks, the hatchet is a strong choice thanks to the passive healing you can obtain while Berserking.  Also available are Feral Rush and Infected Throw, which allow you to close in on your opponents or weaken them from a distance.