In NBA 2K21, I was just strolling around and thinking about all

  • When players graduate from high school, they can choose to follow the traditional path to the NBA and attend college, or they can choose to play in the G League, according to the NBA2K21 MT. When compared to faculty, the G League can assist players in honing their skills more quickly, as evidenced by faster advancement on badges and skills.

    When we look back at our review of the first release of NBA 2K21, we can see that the majority of our criticisms are still valid. It is still difficult to get invested in MyCareer's story, and the internet servers are still aggressively fair. Microtransactions are also still a nuisance. In addition, 2K did not provide free upgrades to existing owners, forcing them to purchase the $100 version or buy it separately for $70, making it difficult to argue that NBA MT on next-gen is the much-needed redemption for a franchise that has been consistently disappointing.

    Just the cover art, I believe, is spectacular. For me, it was the same situation. All of the additional items were not given to me. I was referring to the game that is currently in production. Perhaps a price increase for an upgrade? As they are currently doing with the mamba edition on consoles and other platforms. Stadia and PCs should be freed, to be honest. I'm not eager to part with my money for something that does not add much to the cost of the game in most cases, a computer could easily handle it as a patch to the first game or simply as a DLC game pass, but I'm also a bit greedy, and I'll be honest, I miss the days when expansion packs were more than 2 maps and skin that I understand your point and I'm not trying to invalidate it because most will agree with you. I understand your point isn't to say that I'm unwilling to continue to provide them with additional funds for something that PC games have never had to perform and for which hardware is almost never required. We should really hold them to PC-level standards rather than console-level standards because consoles are inherently more upgrade-friendly than PCs, which I understand. Do not take this as an aggressive statement; I am not good with words, and as I have previously stated, the majority of people would most likely take your side over mine in this situation. -