Will Be A New Event Replace Bunny Day in ACNH?

  • With Animal Crossing: New Horizons approaching its one-year anniversary, plenty of events have come and gone in the game. Players also expect new Animal Crossing NH items. Although several of them have been a lot of fun, there have been a few that have been especially challenging and difficult to complete. The Bunny Day holiday in Animal Crossing, in particular, should be eliminated completely from the 2021 lineup to save players the frustration of having to go through it a second time. 

    Bunny Day was an Animal Crossing event that took place from April 1 to 12 and focused on gathering eggs all over the player's island to use in crafting a variety of DIY items. The eggs were discovered in trees, while fishing, in rocks, and even while popping balloons. There were so many different types of eggs that it stopped being a fun hunt and became a nuisance. This was compounded when players began collecting DIY recipes for different clothing and furniture pieces, only to find that they were garish and unusable outside of the case. Animal Crossing should replace Bunny Day with something new in the future, particularly because spring events are on the way.

    Bunny Day in Animal Crossing: New Horizons was simply supposed to be a fun little festival that would take place on the island for a few weeks, but it just didn't work out. Rather than being a supplement to the player's everyday activities on the island, it totally overtook them and put unwelcome content on them. Players were sick of looking at Zipper T. Bunny, pastel colors, and hoarding eggs they didn't need by the end of the event. Bunny Day was a disaster, and it urgently needs to learn from its mistakes.

    Animal Crossing could involve activities focused on various aspects of spring. For example, an event focused on extending the cherry blossom season could be fun. Animal Crossing's Cherry-blossom DLC was used in these DIY recipes. Petals were cute and colorful, and holding a cherry blossom festival at the end of the month will encourage players to decorate the celebration with those adorable picnic baskets and piles of petals.

    A spring equinox celebration is another event that Animal Crossing could use to replace Bunny Day. Spring will officially begin on March 20 this year, but the event could begin a week before that date. Special flowers for players to buy and plant around their islands, springtime decorations and furniture (like flower-adorned benches and garden boxes), and even spring equinox clothing that focuses on different flowers for a color scheme may all be part of the event. This will encourage fans to enjoy the bright colors of springtime decor while still having the option of using the pieces at other times of the year without looking out of place.

    If Bunny Day must be held again this year, it should be much shorter this time. The egg explosion, which lasts 12 days, does not add to the fun of the case. However, replacing the Animal Crossing case with one that focuses more on welcoming spring and less on drowning players in a mess of ugly egg furniture and clothing would be a great choice, and it would help fans be more excited for the forthcoming Animal Crossing: New Horizons events.