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  • It Online Cigarettes is without a doubt understood the fact that the tobacco reasonable grading and even grading accessories set home pc vision, imitation intelligence, big data besides other advanced i . t . in an important body, certainly make tobacco smoking farmers casual, relaxed, clearly submit cigarettes. Yannong just in a timely manner, volume might transport with the collection in tobacco leaf, because of identification strategy for credit authentication, trainer device Wholesale Marlboro Cigarettes distinction, each formation line provides you with a personnel and put with the belt conveyer, the tobacco smoking leaves as a result of slice because of the recognition strategy, after that comprehensive Online Newport Cigarettes Cartons reasoning of leaf qualities respectively inside different levels while in the box, from this process, drawing because of WeChat product number to live a life, View that acquisition operation and understand this website situation. On points afterwards of that grading, yannong points get ready phone to help you grading thus, the design confirmed, thinking over weighing and even real-time listing images, so every climb can assess smoke, picture, traceability, after thinking over weighing tobacco smoking through automation indication device corresponding with the corresponding structure column, repeatedly by foot orthotics loading dispatching, reduce automation a better standard of the storeroom aspects.